About Us

Our Story.
I started this business to be able to help owners give the best nutrition to their beloved babies (pets) and to do something that I love and that is to bake for my kids.  I started baking dog treats for Peanut and Buddy Bear when they became part of our family almost 12 years ago.  The treats I was able to make for them were nutritionally better for them and also helped me fulfill my love for baking and for my kids.  I wanted to be able to share this with others.  I have also taken multiple classes on pet nutrition to help with the types of ingredients along with holistic, raw diets and special nutrition for those pets that need special items made for them.

The story behind the name of the business.
The name of the business, P B & J Tasty Treats, comes from the first letters in my first three kids names.  P, Peanut, B, Buddy Bear, and J, Jake.  My husband's niece was visiting and she stated "Hey, you all have a P B & J sandwich."  It stuck.  Now with the five of them we have P B J M & L, Peanut Butter Jelly with Marmalade & Licorice.


Peanut, Buddy Bear, Jake, Mia, Lucy Lou

You will see pictures of them on the Products Page of this website. 




P B & J Tasty Treats are made with 100% all natural ingredients, absolutely no preservatives or fillers, and are baked in small batches so each and every order ships fresh to you.

Baked in my kitchen in Houston, Texas, all of our ingredients are sourced locally and are always made in the USA.

We use nothing but the healthiest, good-for-dogs ingredients such as whole grain oats, natural peanut butter, and carob.

While all our treats are meant to be enjoyed by our 4-legged companions (kids, babies, fur babies), everything
we use is safe for people too...we know because we taste-test them! After all, if we wouldn't eat it, why should they?

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